I started as a warehouse operator before becoming finishing line operator, and now I’m a dewatering operator. I like the extensive opportunities for learning, growth and advancement in the field.

To women in the industry or looking to get into the industry I say “go for it!” In a society where for so many years these types of industries were male-dominated, it’s empowering to see more & more women entering the workforce and thriving. There is so much more as women we have to offer as part of these communities & Slave Lake Pulp plays a huge role as a strong foundation for young women to succeed and accomplish goals throughout their career

As a mother of 2 teenagers, life can be hectic but Slave Lake Pulp provided me with a work schedule that fit my lifestyle and afforded me with reasonable time away to spend with my family. With so many different positions available to choose from, there are options for schedules to best suit your needs. 

I enjoying singing, karaoke, dancing (when no one is watching) and spending time with my family.