I first entered the forestry industry in lumber production. Then,
from the mid-1980s to 2000 I worked in the electrical side of sawmill construction as mills were computerized. I’ve also worked for a sawmill equipment manufacturing company as their master scheduler and estimating manager. In 2008, I went back to my roots in building construction and became the first woman in BC to be certified as
a Mechanical Project Manager by the Canadian Construction Association. I then returned to the forest industry joining Tolko
in 2014.  

The great thing about the forest products industry is that it’s a renewable, organic substance, full of character and warmth. I like everything about wood! From the seedlings to the forest; from sawmilling to making my own wood-working projects. What’s not to love about it? Careers in the forest industry are so diverse – from health and safety, production, maintenance, silviculture… the list is endless. It’s important to think of how the things that you are passionate about fit into the big picture and remember that little steps can lead to a fascinating career. I didn’t see myself as a Maintenance Planner when I was piling boards in 1980! 

My work is very focused and at the end of the day I need to unwind. My position allows me to afford time off with my family and money for the things that I enjoy including my love of playing music. Recently I’ve taken up the challenge of learning jazz & blues improvisation, but I always have a creative project on the go in wood, glass or wool, too.