I started my career with Resolute in March 2015 when I was hired at the Atikokan sawmill as an equipment operator in the planer. From there, I became a continuous relief operator (CRO) where I developed the operational skills and technical understanding to run the majority of the equipment in the planer. After a year and a half as a CRO, I was promoted to lead hand where I continued to advance my understanding of sawmill operations by taking on positions such as interim planer supervisor.  

I was offered a job in quality control in April 2017, which offered new challenges and a little more flexibility, as I was able to work steady day shifts. This was a big bonus since being a mother of four, working shifts was a challenge in and of itself! Quality control has been a very rewarding experience thus far. I love that I am still directly involved in production where I started my journey. I enjoy teaching others about the importance of quality and how, if we hold it to the highest standard – only second to safety – we can lead the business to great things.

Since starting my career, I have been witness to many operational changes and technical enhancements. As a result, I have come to really enjoy how progressive and dynamic the forest products industry is. It is ever changing and requires me to stay on my toes. I love that I learn new things every single day!

To the other women thinking about joining the forest products industry - don’t be timid. If you find your dream job within the forest products sector, pursue it! There are many opportunities for career advancement and development. Do not be apprehensive. Take each opportunity that is available and embrace the challenges. It is the challenges that are going to be your biggest chance at personal development and will ultimately be what carries you through to the bigger and better opportunities.

I have a very strong support system of family and friends that help with the day-to-day challenges of family vs. career. Resolute has always been very flexible when it comes to putting my family first! That means in my off time from work, I can enjoy camping, fishing and spending time with my family. The outdoors is my happy place!