There are many sides to the forest products industry. The pulp mills are one part that offer the opportunity to get involved in various aspects which include process, mechanical, capital and innovation activities. There also exists the opportunity to specialize in just one of the previously mentioned activities. I’ve progressed my career – from Process Engineer to Shift Supervisor, Wood Yard Logistics to Digester Team Leader and Bleach Plant Team Leader to TGC
Operations Lead.

The fact that the forest products industry is based around a renewable resource is another side I like about forestry. We are environmentally mindful in our pulping process and the diversity of the pulping process has moved to include power generation and biofuel production.

Canfor hired me as a new engineer graduate with absolutely no engineering experience and I’ve been with them for the last 17 years. During that time I’ve had several wonderful and unique opportunities. I’ve worked at all three Canfor Pulp Mills, while in different positions in both the Fibreline and Steam Plant Departments. I’ve worked on several projects in various capacities. There are so few women in the Pulp Mill Industry that in 2007 when I became a shift supervisor, I was the first female shift supervisor within the Canfor Pulp Mills and the first female Production Team Leader in 2012. It’s a pleasure to work with other women and it’s heartwarming to have the opportunity to mentor new talent.  

Work-life balance is something I really need to work on but my friends and family help me keep this balance. There are two special kids, an 8 year old girl and a 6 year old boy that draw me away from work to watch their activities. Travel, family and friends, photography, gardening, motor biking, cooking, sewing and knitting all help me to balance my time with work.