I started in production and worked in both the Planer and Sawmill departments where I physically piled lumber and operated various production equipment. From there I transitioned my career to the Maintenance Department assisting with various tasks and progressed into the Purchasing role after Canfor acquired the company.

My role in the industry challenges me – there is such a vast spectrum of knowledge and skills that are needed within my job on a daily basis. My advice to women who are interested in the forest products industry is to job shadow and/or talk with individuals within the trade. Find out what they find rewarding and take any opportunity you can to pursue education and learn more about the industry as a whole – knowledge is wealth. Understand that there is a magnitude of different skill sets that are valuable within the field. If you are passionate about it then pursue it. Do not hold yourself back due to the fact that females are a minority within the industry.

I make sure I do not make my job my entire life and try to obtain a healthy level of self-care. I strive for excellence within my career but I also make sure I take time for myself to pursue my other interests and decompress. The company talks about the daily work week self-care, such as taking scheduled breaks and stepping away from my desk, keeping overtime to a minimum and taking annual paid vacation. Outside of work I mostly enjoy traveling and physical activity (participating in sports and outdoor activities).